March 30th, 2015


As we accelerate our use of data and tools through digital means, security of our information has become increasingly important. This is especially true for businesses, who are entrusted to thoroughly secure their customer data. I sat down with Andrew Rubin, security expert and cofounder of the security company Illumio to discuss the changing landscape of the enterprise security needs.

Katya: Let’s start by evaluating the state of online security in general. Where are we standing right now? Are we doing well, or do you think we’re miles apart from where we could be?

Andrew: I think there are certain areas that we’re doing very well in and others where there is an opportunity to improve. There’s a phenomenon we see repeatedly, we call it the paradox of the perimeter; where organizations spend 80% of their security dollars to secure 20% of the traffic. I think that is one area where we’re going to see improvement. Organizations are thinking about their security differently as a result of things like virtualization and cloud. I think that we’re going to find that there are a new set of problems that we’re all trying to face and deal with effectively and we’re going to have to have a new set of tools in order to do that.

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